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All West P&I Services Ltd.

Formerly working for one of Canada's preeminent maritime law firms as maritime manager and casualty investigator, Merle McKenzie has worked on cases  for each of the members of the International Group of P&I clubs, which insures over 90% of the world's ship tonnage.  He  has handled all nature of P&I casualties including collisions between vessels, collisions with fixed and floating objects, cargo damage, bodily injury and fatalities to personnel and passengers, pollution and wreck removal. He also has particular experience with the tug and tow business having worked with several of Canada's largest fleets handling their casualties and assisting with other business matters for them. 


At All West P&I Services Ltd., Merle is now  focusing his attention on being available to the west coast members of The Shipowners' Club, a mutual insurance association, insuring over 32,000 small and specialist vessels. More information about the Club is available at

Merle McKenzie


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